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Being an entrepreneur ain't easy

When we take the leap into entrepreneurship we assume many roles... many, MANY roles. I found it really overwhelming and time consuming. I was struggling to balance it all. 
Then things changed. I started to value myself in a new way and become the resilient, confident business woman I envisioned.
I tweaked my lifestyle to support my goals. I asked for help. I gathered resources. I built relationships with other successful business women.
And now I want to share this with you.
I partnered with a highly skilled, holistic wellness professional to develop this brand new and much needed workshop to help other women like us.
We know the struggles of entrepreneurship. We also know the value in taking care of ourselves. That's why we've designed this one of a kind self-loving workshop series for women who need a better work-life balance.
Jess & the horses create a unique learning experience that pushes your personal growth to new levels, exactly where you need it.
Mandy brings her expertise as a holistic wellness professional and massage therapist to really help us learn to listen to our bodies, care for ourselves, and relax.
You won't find this experience anywhere else.

Real Life XL SKills & Mandala Massage

Jess & Mandy
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